About Me


Full time IT security engineer & part time breaker of things. Sometimes the finder of broken things depending on the day. Aspiring red teamer, threat hunter, and security researcher.

Some of my Hobbies Include:

  • Spending time with the wife & kids.
  • Researching & learning emerging infosec news and techniques.
  • Learning to code better.
  • Hiking & Camping.
  • Reading & Learning about anything my brain decides to focus on that week.
  • Tinkering with anything electrical or mechanical.

Since I can remember I spent most of my time trying to figure out how stuff worked or why it worked a certain way. I cant tell you how many pieces of electronic equipment I went through in my childhood years, but I can tell you my Parents put up with me taking everything apart to see how it worked. I have them to thank for letting me explore so I could end up in infosec as a career. I doubt they knew my years of breaking all the electronics in the house would turn into a life long passion and career.

The Whole Focus of this site will be to publish tutorials after I am done learning something to reinforce what I learned. Also to try and give something back to the security community as a whole the amount of knowledge that I’ve been able to acquire for free is amazing and hope I can provide content for others to learn from as well while they google away at issues or look for walkthroughs.