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Now that I have passed PWK and got my OSCP! I think I will continue to work towards the red team side of things. It is what I enjoy learning. I did a CISSP boot camp and had an excellent instructor and mentor during my PWK class. I may pursue my CISSP eventually to finish the cert. I currently work in a small non corporate environment doing blue team stuff like incident response, server & perimeter hardening, and managing my current companies security services. [Read More]
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Third Attempt I failed my third attempt. It was my fault I was just being hard headed and I banged my head on a brick wall for far to long. I had 55 points and Metasploit available to me to use still and just got so focused on something I thought I should’ve popped easily. I should’ve known better and I rescheduled my test immediately. Fourth and Final Attempt I was determined to pass this time. [Read More]

Fristi Leaks

Fristi Leaks 1.3 Enumeration Started out with a basic nmap all ports t4 timing and service detection. nmap -p- -sV -t4 Below you can see the full output. We’ve got Port 80 open time to explore a web app. So much pink let’s run a nikto and start poking around. While nikto was running I curled the robot.txt From that we see the /cola/ /sisi/ /beer/ directories going to those takes me to a Jedi! [Read More]

Kioptrix 4

Kioptrix 1.3 #4 Enumeration Started by running nmap scans on the target machine. nmap -p- -sV -T 4 Alright so we’ve got: - 22 OpenSSH 4.7p1 - 80 Apache 2.2.8 with Suhosin-Patch also PHP/5.2.4 - 139 Samba SMBD - 445 Samba SMBD Last couple machines I had done had been web apps so I started with Samba first. Using the nmap scripting engine or NSE for short. I run the smb-enum-shares script to see what kind of shares I can find. [Read More]

Kioptrix 3

Kioptrix 1.2 #3 Initial Info Make sure to Point your host file in your Kali Box to the machines IP. nano /etc/hosts Add kioptrix IP and kioptrix3.com like below. And Just to be sure ping kioptrix3.com to make sure the address is correct. Recon Scanned Target with nmap. nmap -p- -sV ipaddress Found port 80 and 22 open. So we have a web server and ssh available. Unless ssh is a really old version or looks funky I’ll most likely skip it. [Read More]

Kioptrix 2

Kioptrix Level 1.1 This one taught me something I should’ve learned a long time ago. By the end of this VM, I was banging my head against a wall for NO REASON but I had done several Vulnerable Machines that night. Enumeration I started off Creating my folder on the desktop labeled as kioptrix_1.1 and then started my enumeration steps. I know the folder step sounds silly but Over 2 rounds of PWK labs and getting lots of boxes on hack the box I’ve come to appreciate methodology and organization. [Read More]

Kioptrix 1

Kioptrix 1 I am going through the OSCPLike Vulnhub list from the netsecfocus group before I take my third attempt at my OSCP Exam. You can find the NetSecFocus Vulnhub Trophy Room Google Doc by joining Mattermost and going to the Vulnhub and CTF channel. The Machines listed in Red on the Doc are the most OSCP like Machines. I started up Virtualbox and Created a pfsense router that all my traffic would pass through for my Virtualbox Lab. [Read More]


A couple months went by and I signed up for 60 more days of lab time and scheduled my exam. I jumped back in the Labs and started going over each machine I had gotten Redoing my notes and being more thorough. I finally understood that methodology and persistence were key, besides the number one thing Enumeration. I pretended like every single lab machine was an exam machine. I took notes just like you would for the exam report I did the ipconfig ifconfig and screenshots I wrote detailed reproducible steps for local and root/system access. [Read More]


So while working a help desk job, I had a buddy that was going to school for infosec. We were both taking cisco classes working towards our CCNA. While I was asking questions one day he sent me a link to backtrack Linux. Told me that’s what I needed to look into if I wanted to understand security. I don’t think the buddy realized, but he basically pointed me on a quest for constant knowledge. [Read More]


I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! Every time I tell someone that I want to be a hacker when I grow up they either smile or they look confused? When I finally start explaining infosec they usually think I am some sort of wizard or criminal depending on the context of the conversations. I spent years working in different jobs. I attended school. I spent a lot of time searching for what I wanted to do with my life. [Read More]