What's Next

Now that I have passed PWK and got my OSCP! I think I will continue to work towards the red team side of things. It is what I enjoy learning. I did a CISSP boot camp and had an excellent instructor and mentor during my PWK class. I may pursue my CISSP eventually to finish the cert. I currently work in a small non corporate environment doing blue team stuff like incident response, server & perimeter hardening, and managing my current companies security services. Also anything compliance related for any of our clients. I took a break for a bit studying after I had passed but its like a bad itch I cant scratch I keep going back eventually to hackthebox.eu or vulnhub.

List of Stuff I want to do in 2019

  • Pentesterlab.com/pro I’ve heard good things I think I lack knowledge in web app side of things so this is going to be my first stop.
  • Finish my CISSP.
  • eLearn Security WAPT and WAPTx look cool maybe these depending on how my CISSP goes.
  • Work on my family life as my study time from PWK was not kind to a dad of 5 and a very patient wife.
  • Start Playing on H1 and Bugcrowd.


I think later on in the future I want to consult for myself, but I know that is a way off. I’ll continue to gather experience and new tricks & work on my skills. I did realize that with me having five kids and cannot relocate from Southern Indiana anytime soon limits the scope of pentesting and redteam type of jobs for me, but the good thing is this was a hobby before it was a career and will be something I use and play with for the rest of my life skill wise!

OSCP  Future