So while working a help desk job, I had a buddy that was going to school for infosec. We were both taking cisco classes working towards our CCNA. While I was asking questions one day he sent me a link to backtrack Linux. Told me that’s what I needed to look into if I wanted to understand security. I don’t think the buddy realized, but he basically pointed me on a quest for constant knowledge. Thanks Joey.


I was let go from a previous job I had worked for years. This was the first time in my life I wasn’t going to have a guaranteed paycheck. I had two months to find a job and I hadn’t looked for a job in a really long time or updated my resume. As the panic went away I started reaching out to old co-workers spit shined my resume and started looking. It took me all of about three hours to start getting hits on linkedin and interviews. I spent the next three weeks doing interviews and meeting people. The whole process really opened my eyes and changed the way I look at my skill set and time.

I had books like Hacking: The Art Of Exploration and several others that I had been reading in my spare time. When I landed that job I realized I had some base IT skills down and wanted to specialize. I didn’t want to be the generalist or jack of all trades. I Wanted to do Information Security. Luckily for me the Job I had just taken needed someone with infosec skills. I got the green Flag to Start my PWK class.

Started Class

So I bought the 90 days and started reading the PDF they send you. I realized just how much I didn’t know. I also realized I was going to be tired with 3 kids and a pregnant wife. I played in labs for two to three hours a night on weekdays and three to six hours on weekends. It was probably some of the most fun I’ve ever had. The frustration when you cant figure out a box is nothing compared to the feeling when you finally get into it. I think I had gotten into 28 machines by the time I was supposed to schedule my test. I was not prepared properly and knew it. I took the test anyway. I actually got farther than I thought I would. I was 1 or 2 boxes away from passing I think.


It was 7:00 or 8:00 am I had 1 hour left and I went to sleep. Smashing my head against the keyboard for 22 hours straight had me drained. Pissed because I knew I should have done better. Especially mad at myself for my lack of set methodology and organized notes. I felt so defeated. I took some time off spent some time with my family so I didn’t get Divorced!

To Be Continued…