Third Attempt

I failed my third attempt. It was my fault I was just being hard headed and I banged my head on a brick wall for far to long. I had 55 points and Metasploit available to me to use still and just got so focused on something I thought I should’ve popped easily. I should’ve known better and I rescheduled my test immediately.

Fourth and Final Attempt

I was determined to pass this time. Same as the rest I sat down got connected started my enumeration scripts and started poking. Ten hours into everything I had right at 50 points and knew I was looking decent compared to last attempts. I ended up working 19 hours straight and decided I would sleep when I was finished this time. I powered through and as soon as I got my last priv esc and used my metasploit attempt I hit over 70 points. I took pictures while I went through each box, but after I knew I was finished point wise I went back and re took photos again as I knew I would lose access to the boxes soon. After that I jumped on the couch to take a snooze. I woke up a couple hours later made two cups of coffee and started writing my report. The report took me about 6 hours to write and triple check to make sure I had the correct pictures and had documented every step I took. It took me a minute to get used to writing in the third person. I looked up example report templates as well as open sourced reports for other companies to see how things were worded and explained. I submitted it and felt pretty confident that I had passed, but didn’t want to count my chickens before they had hatched.

The Email

I got a email right at like 2 days that let me know I had Passed and I just instantly felt relief and excitement overflow over me. PWK was the hardest class I have ever taken. It taught me to keep organized. How to truly study and that I am more stubborn than I ever thought before.

Final Advice

  • Do all of the exercises.
  • Find a way to stay organized and keep detailed notes.
  • Enumeration is always key.
  • RELAX. Every box in the labs and on the exam is meant to broken into don’t be afraid to restart your enumeration from scratch.
  • I know everyone says it but take breaks walk outside if you start to get frustrated.