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Now that I have passed PWK and got my OSCP! I think I will continue to work towards the red team side of things. It is what I enjoy learning. I did a CISSP boot camp and had an excellent instructor and mentor during my PWK class. I may pursue my CISSP eventually to finish the cert. I currently work in a small non corporate environment doing blue team stuff like incident response, server & perimeter hardening, and managing my current companies security services. [Read More]
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Third Attempt I failed my third attempt. It was my fault I was just being hard headed and I banged my head on a brick wall for far to long. I had 55 points and Metasploit available to me to use still and just got so focused on something I thought I should’ve popped easily. I should’ve known better and I rescheduled my test immediately. Fourth and Final Attempt I was determined to pass this time. [Read More]


A couple months went by and I signed up for 60 more days of lab time and scheduled my exam. I jumped back in the Labs and started going over each machine I had gotten Redoing my notes and being more thorough. I finally understood that methodology and persistence were key, besides the number one thing Enumeration. I pretended like every single lab machine was an exam machine. I took notes just like you would for the exam report I did the ipconfig ifconfig and screenshots I wrote detailed reproducible steps for local and root/system access. [Read More]


So while working a help desk job, I had a buddy that was going to school for infosec. We were both taking cisco classes working towards our CCNA. While I was asking questions one day he sent me a link to backtrack Linux. Told me that’s what I needed to look into if I wanted to understand security. I don’t think the buddy realized, but he basically pointed me on a quest for constant knowledge. [Read More]